About Us


Thank you for visiting and supporting our store! My wife Breanna and I would love to share our story with you.


It all began when a close friend of mine showed me a hobby that he had picked up. After showing me some basics, I made my first wallet.


Enter: My passion for leather working. 


I've always had a passion for working with my hands, and this is just fuel for the flame! To me, there is something remarkable about high quality leather.Once you receive your first leather product, its immediately unique to YOU. From the singular characteristics on that part of the hide (scars, stretch marks, differences in color, etc.), to the way it patinas/ages as you use it over the years. It will only tell the story that you write for it. 


My goal while creating each product is to make something that will last for as many adventures you want to take it on.



- Austin Cagle // Proprietor